History of skirting board

Early times and big invention

Architecture has evolved over a period. The man started to live in caves then he moved to wooden houses. Then the brick house. Then came RCC and so on. Still many of us use skirtingboard in our houses. It is unclear that, from where these boards came into existence? No one knows who designed it. However, depending on the age of buildings we can estimate the time of invention. Many people and research teams tried to find the oldest board. Some say they were introduced in Egyptian times. Some say Romans used them. However, it is difficult to be certain.

Victorian era and the wooden molding

Around 1830’s the wooden molding became very famous. Many architects started to use them in palaces. They believed it will increase the beauty of the palace and it really did. Dado rails and picture rails were quite common in the era of Queen Victoria. They used to hang all the photo frames on them. This would increase the beauty and people can easily see all pictures, which floating beautifully on these rails. Few architect used wooden molding to make frames around the picture supported by nails and plank boards. Even, until date lot of palaces have these wooden rails. Many architects are still using them for decoration purpose. Victorians used these boards better than anybody did. The boards reached very high altitudes in palaces. They became a form of art.

Another famous era where we can see these boards and their beauty is Gregorian era. There were many brick houses around this time. Bricks were not of a particular shape. So it was important and necessary to find a way to build palaces, gates, and buildings. Gregorians used these boards to build the places.

Change of time.

After so many years of invention and research, they have not lost their values. The skirtingboards were a form of art then and they are a form of art now. You need some good hands to carve beauty out of them.